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Nathan Wylde

Nathan Wylde is a fictional character from the long-running ITV1 soap opera Emmerdale, played by Lyndon Ogbourne. The character was introduced by series producer Anita Turner and first appeared in 2009. He made his last appearance in November 2010.

Creation & Development

The character was first introduced to Emmerdale in February 2009, by series producer  Anita Turner played by Lyndon Ogbourne. The character was introduced as a 'rogue' and 'having a darker side', he is the son of Natasha and Mark.It was later revealed that Nathan had a much darker side, which included sexually blackmailing Leyla Harding and blackmailing his own mother Natasha out of her fortune after finding out she killed his father,then scheming to frame his half brother Ryan for his father's murder.He serves as the main antagonist of the Wylde family

It was announced on 22 August 2010 that Ogbourne had decided not to renew his contract with the show.


Nathan and his sister, Maisie, come to the village for their father's 50th birthday party. Nathan is immediately attracted to Katie Sugden, and when he hears that she has a date with Lee Naylor,  Nathan delays him with questions about his work. Nathan - who attended agricultural college - is tasked with running the estate by his parents.

Nathan continues pursuing Katie, causing trouble between her and Lee by successfully manipulating them both. Following a row with Lee, Katie invites Nathan to spend the night with her. The next day, however, she catches him sneaking out and he admits to not wanting a serious relationship until he sees her reconcile with Lee.

Nathan works with Eric Pollard, assisting his campaign to be re-elected as local councillor, getting to Eric's son David Metcalfe who was standing against him, via his girlfriend, Leyla Harding. He gives her a job, an advance for new clothes and makes a large donation to her mother's nursing home. On finding out, Leyla asks him to withdraw it but he refuses, making it clear what he wants in return. Disgusted, she throws a suit at him and leaves. She tells David and they confront Nathan who loses his temper, and Leyla throws water over him to cool down. However, on 4 June, David is elected as councillor. In late June, Nathan is angry about Lee moving in with Katie so he causes trouble for them again and Lee quits his job. Angry, Katie dumps Nathan and throws Lee out. Nathan responds by trying to sabotage her business so Katie says she is moving her business elsewhere but when this fails, Nathan delights in raising her rent.

Nathan befriends Ryan Lamb. He is not pleased when Ryan and Katie start dating but is more distressed with his father's "affair" with Ryan's mother Faye. He goes to London for a while to clear his head. Returning his attentions to Leyla in October, Nathan separates her and David by using his parents' contacts to get David more work. Leyla doesn't help when she borrows money from the petty cash in the farm shop's till and is caught when Nathan collects it early. He sees money missing but conceals it when Leyla confesses and starts charming her, taking her to exclusive parties. They sleep together but Leyla feels guilty so Nathan blackmails her to take responsibility for him crashing a car whilst drunk. Struggling with her conscience, Leyla tells David that she slept with Nathan and he splits up with her but he hits Nathan for bullying her. Nathan's mother Natasha realises that something is wrong and asks Katie, who tells her David hit Nathan but Nathan twists it so that Leyla gets the blame. Angry at Nathan's manipulation, she visits him and tells him she won't quit her job and kicks him in the groin. After this, Nathan leaves Leyla alone.

In January, after his father's disappearance, Nathan takes over running Home Farm so Natasha can concentrate on taking care of Maisie and Will. Nathan is furious to discover that Faye is, in fact, Mark's first wife and Ryan is his half-brother, and that Natasha knew.

Later Natasha begins behaving erratically. Noticing her odd behaviour, Nathan confronts her and she tells him that she killed Mark and buried his body on the Estate grounds. Nathan is outraged and takes a shovel and tries to locate his father's body and dig it up. Natasha then subdues Nathan by telling him that it had been an accident and that the gun had discharged during a struggle. Nathan agrees to keep his mother's secret but demands her fortune in return. Natasha reluctantly gives him everything on the condition that he left and never returned. Nathan keeps his side of the bargain and leaves the village in early February.

In May 2010, Nathan returns, shocking his mother. She tells him to leave, and he stays the night at the B&B. Natasha later agrees to let him stay at Home Farm on one condition, that he pay back the money he blackmailed from her. Nathan pays back the money and Natasha lets him work for her again.

Nathan takes an instant dislike to his mother's new business partner, Declan Macey who had bought Nathan's share of the estate whilst he had been away. Nathan demanded his share back but Declan refuses to give it to him. Nathan is further enraged when Declan and Natasha begin a relationship.

Nathan makes a deal with Declan after his plans for a barn renovation are turned down. Nathan offers to get the planning permission for Declan if he agreed to stay away from Natasha. To do this, Nathan blackmails local councillor David. He gets council employee Tania Page to attempt to seduce David and records it with a hidden video camera and makes it seem that he is having an affair. Nathan threatens to tell Leyla and show her the video if David did not agree to his demands. After David gets Nathan the planning permission, Declan notices that David appears unhappy and Nathan reveals that he blackmailed David, leaving Declan horrified.

In July Mark's body was dug up by Sam Dingle's dog, he and Natasha agreed to frame Faye for Mark's death. However Nathan framed Ryan instead for his Dad's killing. When Mark's funeral was held Nathan was visibly upset at the loss of his father. However upon seeing that Ryan had been released from prison for the funeral he was furious. When Ryan attempted to ask Maisie to believe that he was innocent Nathan attacked Ryan. Asking if this was Ryan's "final desperate plea" and calling his sibling "pathetic", Nathan was delighted when Natasha told the prison guards to take Ryan away.

When Ryan's trial began Nathan was nervous about giving evidence. However when he testified against his brother, Nathan gave the jury the impression that Ryan was unstable due to his relationship with Maisie and the revelations, and that Ryan was jealous of all of the Wylde's for having the family he never had. After giving evidence, off screen Nathan was kidnapped by Cain Dingle.

When the trial finished and Ryan was found guilty Cain summoned Maisie to release her fury upon her brother. She in a rage attacked Nathan and tried to get him to confess that he killed Mark. Distraught and realising that Maisie would kill him, Nathan revealed that Natasha killed Mark. Meanwhile Cain went to Home Farm and summoned Natasha and Will to the barn that held Nathan and Maisie. When Natasha saw Maisie about to seriously injure Nathan confessed to her daughter that she killed Mark. Explaining everything that had happened to Maisie, Will and Cain, Natasha still covered for Nathan. Perhaps realising that her time was up she wanted her children to reconcile. Nathan however pleaded with his mother to run away.

Afterward a injured Nathan convinced Maisie to visit Natasha in prison. With Natasha still covering for Nathan, Maisie told her mother that neither she nor Will would visit her in prison. When she returned to Home Farm Maisie admitted she would try and be a family for Will's sake. Maisie and Will moved back in with Nathan at Home Farm despite Ryan's objections. Nathan meanwhile was approached by Declan who offered to buy out Natasha's 49% of Home Farm. If Nathan could convince his mother to sell to Declan then Nathan would receive the money from Natasha's part of Home Farm instead of Natasha receiving it. Nathan at first rejected the thought of selling to Declan. After Will got into a fight at school, Nathan realised how upset his siblings were and revealed to Maisie and Will that Natasha had handed over all of her assets to him, including Home Farm itself and her 49% of the business. Nathan decides there isn't anything left for the remaining Wyldes in Emmerdale and begins to consider Declan's offer.

However, Nathan decides that he doesn't want Declan to have what he wants, so sets about finding a new buying. After a trying few weeks, he finally found a buyer and began celebrating in The Woolpack. He starts to goad Ryan, who storms out, and consequently throws a brick through Nathan's car window.

The buyer soon comes to look around Home Farm, and then subsequently reduces her offer. Nathan is at first furious and refuses, but after Maisie begs him to reconsider, he does and eventually signs the paperwork. When he introduces the buyer to Declan, he is stunned to realise that he has been tricked when it is revealed that the buyer is infact Declan's ex-wide Ella Hart. Nathan refuses to let it go but knows that he is unable to do anything as the deeds have been signed over.

After Natasha is sentenced to 21 years, Nathan confronts Ryan again. Although Declan and Cain restrain Ryan after Nathan again teases him about the money and Maisie, Ryan vows revenge on his brother. Secretly meeting with Declan they set about a plan to bring him down. At Home Farm, Ryan turns up and demands the truth about why Nathan set him up for their dad's murder. After a load of Nathan's gloating, Ryan pleads for the truth, and ultimatly tricks Nathan into confessing to setting him up. Later, Declan hands Ryan a recording that was hidden under the sofa, meaning that Ryan can prove to Maisie and the police Nathan's involvement. After a furious confrontation with Maisie which sees her leave Home Farm for Holdgate with Will, Nathan goes to Ryan. Ryan threatens to call the police and even manages to force Nathan on his knees, begging. They eventually strike a deal in which Nathan has to had over every penny he has to a trust fund for Will. Going to Holdgate to tell Maisie, he is unaware of Ryan standing behind him, and the pair tell him to leave Maisie and Will alone or they will go to the police. Nathan returns to Home Farm to take his belongings, but Declan first takes his keys to the house and car, and then chucks him onto the gravel outside. Nathan walks away alone, and with absolutely nothing having lost his family and his money.