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Hazel struggles with Jackson's heartbreak

 Monday, February 7th 2011 19:00

Hazel asks Jackson if he's really okay about Aaron seeing someone else and he assures her that he's fine. Later, when Hazel sees Chas, she questions if she knows about Aaron and Flynn. Chas confirms that she does and that she encouraged it.

Hurt, Hazel can't believe that Chas is being so insensitive towards Jackson. Chas asserts that although this isn't easy for anyone, Hazel has to accept that life has to go on. Later that evening, Hazel's heart breaks as she overhears Jackson making a video diary entry masking his true hurt about Aaron and Flynn.

Meanwhile, Pollard is not amused when Amy goes missing all day and is later found snogging a boy in his car with Victoria and Hannah in tow. Amy is remorseless as she heads to bed and Pollard wonders how much more he can take. Val puts on a brave face but it's clear that her determination to laugh Amy's antics off is wearing thin.

Elsewhere, Alicia tells Leyla that she fears Jacob will decide he wants to live with Justin because he has more money for treats; Prior goes over Andy's statement with him and Andy is disappointed to still feel like the prime suspect; Moira is unimpressed with Hannah's drinking; and Carl tells Andy that there was information omitted from his statement.


Val and Pollard are pushed to the limit

Tuesday, February 8th 2011  Hour-long episode

Note that, in a change to the usual schedule, the next episode of Emmerdale airs on Thursday, February 10 at 7pm.

Val and Pollard read the riot act to Amy, but when she overhears Moira saying that she's a bad influence on Hannah, she goes AWOL. Later, David and Leyla catch her arguing with a bouncer having been thrown out of a bar and escort her home. Val is furious and asks why they should care about her when she clearly doesn't care about them. Amy begs them to give her another chance, but Val thinks they should face facts - maybe they've got it all wrong and they're not cut out for this.

Amy explains to David that she has messed up good and proper and needs his help to make things right. Seeing a flash of vulnerability, David says that he has an idea of how to help. Later, Amy approaches Val and Pollard with a list of ground rules that she promises to stick to if they just let her prove herself. Will Val and Pollard give her one last chance?

Meanwhile, with Jackson on his mind, Aaron is distant and abrupt with Flynn. Flynn is direct with Aaron and wants to know why he's not the guy he met the other day. When Aaron can't bring himself to tell the truth, Flynn leaves, telling Aaron he has his number if he wants to be honest. Conflicted, Aaron doesn't stop him leaving.

The next day, Flynn turns up at the garage and arranges to meet Aaron later in the pub so they can talk. Worried he'd be upset if he saw them together, Aaron tells Jackson that he's invited Flynn for a drink. Jackson is thrown but covers by agreeing to join them for a pint. Later, however, it looks like Jackson isn't coming and Flynn suggests they should go into town. Flynn spots the bus approaching and urges Aaron to hurry. Spotting Jackson and Hazel coming up the road, Aaron is faced with a choice. Jackson's heart then breaks as he sees Aaron turn and follow Flynn…

Elsewhere, Charity is stunned when Jai gives her a flash new car; Alicia is grateful when Leyla gives her money to take Jacob bowling; Mia agrees to have lunch with Adam and Ella wonders if he's out of his depth with her; and Cain and Faye are both annoyed as Charity and Jai plan a business trip away in Leeds.


Jai tells Charity how he really feels

Thursday, February 10th 2011 part 1  7:00pm

Debbie tells Cain a few home truths and asks why he won't give Charity a reason to stay with him rather than a million reasons to walk away. Cain reckons Debbie might have a point and it seems like he might be finally ready to calm down.

At the same time, Charity congratulates Jai on his cunning when he reveals that he's only booked one room for the night. He says that he knows how Charity feels and reckons she feels the same way. As Jai tells her that she can do better than Cain, the sexual tension between them is palpable and he challenges her to tell him she isn't tempted…

Meanwhile, Aaron confides in Chas that he feels guilty for not acknowledging Jackson when he saw him in the street last night. Chas tells Aaron not to beat himself up, but it's clear that Aaron is troubled. Aaron later attempts to apologise, but Jackson insists that it's fine. However, as Aaron goes to the bar, we see that Jackson has been covering his hurt.

Elsewhere, Jimmy's odd mood begins to cause concern; Val urges Diane to seize the day and tell Doug how she really feels before it is too late; and Amy thanks David for his help.


Cain makes an unwelcome discovery

Thursday, February 10th 2011 part 2  8:00pm

Charity makes it clear to Jai that, despite Cain's obvious flaws, she loves him and can't cheat on him. Jai finally backs down and tries to get another room, but the hotel is fully booked. Adamant that she was promised a night on the tiles, Charity suggests that they check out but still have a night out. A short time later, Cain arrives at the hotel with champagne and flowers and asks the receptionist which room Charity is in. He's then informed that Jai Sharma was booked into a suite but he and the young lady checked out.

Back at the village, Faye consoles a furious Cain and, as they head back to hers, they stop and kiss. Cain is determined to get back at Charity, while Faye is aware of what he is up to and has her own motives. Back at Tennant's Cottage, they kiss passionately on the sofa…

Meanwhile, Aaron's thrown when Flynn leaves him an evasive message claiming that he'll be out of town for a while. Later, Jackson apologises to Aaron for pushing him so hard and admits that he's been a bit of an idiot about the whole situation. Aaron confesses that he doesn't reckon anything will come of him and Flynn, and suggests that they should watch a DVD. Jackson is secretly chuffed.

Elsewhere, Diane assures Laurel that she will speak to Doug; Dermot winds Mia up about Adam; and Rhona is desperate for Marlon to have a fling with Stephanie so that she can enjoy some time alone with Paddy.


Charity realises Cain has cheated

Friday, February 11th 2011

Charity and Debbie witness Cain leaving Faye's and giving her a goodbye kiss. Charity immediately clocks what's going on and, with a surge of rage, she slaps Faye before screaming at Cain. Heading home, Charity locks Cain out before packing a bag. With Cain gone, she tells Debbie that she ignored temptation for a man who is ready to betray her at a drop of a hat.

Later, Cain is stunned when Charity explains that she didn't sleep with Jai and she never would have. She adds she hopes sleeping with Faye was worth it as their relationship is now over for good. Cain insists that suits him fine, but his words ring a little hollow as he watches Charity walk away.

Meanwhile, before Diane can tell Doug how she feels, he admits that he has taken her advice, seized the day and he and Hilary are going on a cruise. He adds if that goes well he is going to move back in with her. Devastated, Diane forces some words of congratulations and holds back her tears.

Elsewhere, Henshall is pleased when Andy has an outburst in the pub, and Rhona reveals her plan to set up Marlon and Stephanie next week.


Alicia and Justin reach an agreement

Tuesday, February 1st 2011

When Leyla catches Jacob stealing from the shop to buy a present for his dad, she makes Alicia see that the situation with Justin needs sorting. Alicia invites Justin to talk things through and asks Leyla to stay for support.

However, when they start to argue, Leyla takes control and presses Alicia to allow Justin access if he drops the court custody battle, to which Justin agrees.

Meanwhile, following a heart-to-heart with Chas, Aaron builds up the courage to tell Jackson about Flynn. Jackson tells him that he should call Flynn, before making it clear that as far as he's concerned, their relationship is over - they can only ever be friends.

Elsewhere, Prior seems uneasy about Henshall following an interesting chat with Andy; Charity informs Cain that she will be working for Jai for longer than expected; and Rhona has her scan with Paddy and Marlon by her side.


Andy is threatened by a furious Henshall

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

Prior tells Henshall that she had to fend off a serious complaint from Andy the previous day and insists that he tell her what's going on with Katie. He admits that they are seeing each other but refuses to accept he is compromised.

Later, Henshall is furious with Prior for having him taken off the case and Katie feels terrible. Henshall angrily approaches Andy and after physically threatening him, he warns he still has Katie and he'll be watching Andy every step of the way.

Meanwhile, Aaron refuses to accept that his relationship with Jackson is over. Hiding how upset he is, Jackson tries to make it clear that there is no future for them as a couple and he's adamant he won't ruin Aaron's life too. Later, a conflicted Aaron calls Flynn and informs him that he's a free agent.

Elsewhere, Lisa feels the pressure of working with Derek; Rhona is determined to play cupid for Marlon and sonographer Stephanie; and Turner becomes increasingly jealous as he sees Pearl enjoying Dermot's flirtatious attention.


Brenda takes revenge on Andy

Thursday, February 3rd 2011 part 1
Furious to hear that Henshall has been taken off the case, Brenda declares that they should just arrest Andy as he is the killer. Drinking once again, she tells Gennie that if the police aren't going to do anything to stop Andy then she will.

Gennie desperately tries to stop her mum but she drives off. She arrives at Butler's and sees Andy through the window of the caravan. Overwhelmed by rage, she ploughs the car into the caravan…

Meanwhile, Lisa, Zak, Sam and Belle go to watch Samson in his play. Lisa is deeply uncomfortable when they discover that Derek is there to watch his nephew too and she's forced to sit on the same row as him.

Elsewhere, Diane struggles with her feelings for Doug; Mia keeps Adam hanging on when he asks her out; and Laurel fears Doug's making a mistake in getting back with her mum.


Andy decides to stand up for himself

Thursday, February 3rd 2011 part 2

A terrified Andy emerges from the wrecked caravan to find an irate Brenda accusing him of murder. John and Moira hear the commotion and do their best to restrain her before bundling her inside the house. When Henshall arrives on the scene, Andy urges him to arrest Brenda, who is drunk and out of control, but Henshall takes Moira and John aside and they agree not to take it any further.

Andy is fuming at the realisation that Henshall won't arrest Brenda, so Henshall suggests that he should make a complaint if he feels so strongly about it. Andy then informs John and Moira that he isn't hiding in the shadow of suspicion any longer and will be moving back to Dale View. Adamant that Henshall's got it in for him, he states if he thinks he's going to roll over and take it, then he's very much mistaken…

Meanwhile, Aaron and Flynn hit it off on their date and it is clear there is a mutual attraction. As Flynn makes to leave, he asks Aaron out again tomorrow night and is pleased when Aaron accepts.

Elsewhere, Lisa confronts Derek when Zak invites him back to their house, and Diane is resigned to the fact that Doug's no longer interested in her.


Jackson hides his true feelings

Friday, February 4th 2011

On their second date, Aaron and Flynn's chat turns to exes. Aaron admits that there was someone but it's complicated. Aaron continues to enjoy Flynn's company, but the reminder of Jackson plays on his mind and he makes his excuses and leaves. Flynn is worried that he's said something wrong but Aaron reassures him that he does really like him.

Back in the village, Aaron visits Jackson and admits that he's just been out with Flynn. Jackson hides his true feelings and urges Aaron to tell him all about Flynn. Cautiously, Aaron continues but his discomfort is growing and he questions if Jackson is really okay about this. Jackson promises that he's fine and would like to meet Flynn, and Aaron accepts - unaware that Jackson is swallowing his deep hurt.

Meanwhile, Andy fills Prior in about Henshall's involvement with Brenda and the caravan. At the end of his tether, Andy wants to know what it's going to take to sort him out. Later, when Prior goes over Carl's statement, she is deeply troubled to note that Henshall has left out significant details about the night of the fire…

Elsewhere, Pollard and Val move a step closer to adopting Amy; Zak asks Derek if there's something wrong between him and Lisa; Alicia is seemingly coping with giving Justin access; and Roz encourages Holly to go on a night out.