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Nathan's just deserts
Ryan runs Nathan out of Emmerdale
Friday November 26th 2010

Ryan finally has the upper hand and he uses it to beat Nathan into submission. It's simple really. Nathan has to sign over his fortune to Will, or Ryan will let the police hear him gleefully confessing that he was the one who set up Ryan. But Nathan doesn't know when he's beaten. He goes to Maisie and begs her and Will to leave with him, saying he's signed all his money over to Will just to prove how much he loves them. But Ryan appears next to Maisie and it's clear she knows exactly why Nathan has surrendered his fortune. He goes back to Home Farm where Declan is waiting forcing him to hand over his keys to Home Farm and his car. Nathan's forced to leave Home Farm alone and Declan happily waves him off.

Ryan gets the ultimate revenge Part 1
Thursday November 25th 2010

Hour-long episode
It's been a long time coming but Ryan finally gets his revenge on nasty Nathan, with a little help from Declan. Ryan goes to Home Farm and asks Nathan why he set him up. Nathan dances around the answer, but Ryan taunts him about Natasha being in prison and Nathan finally spits out that it was him who framed Ryan and he loved every minute of watching him suffer. Ryan leaves, but he's smiling... Declan has secretly recorded Nathan's confession and he gives the evidence to Ryan, who plays it to Maisie. Devastated, she takes Will and tells Nathan she will never forgive him. Now Nathan has nothing but money - and Ryan has plans for that, too.

Ryan gets the ultimate revenge Part 2
Thursday November 25th 2010